Services Provided

  • Design
  • Development
  • Ongoing Support

Built With

  • Figma
  • HubSpot
  • Laravel
  • Statamic

Amidst a period of significant growth, Claroty sought to refine and professionalize their online presence to distinguish themselves within the competitive cybersecurity landscape. Claroty partnered with Fixel on a comprehensive website redesign and development project, aiming to project a more polished and professional image that could support their expansion and elevate their standing amongst competitors.

Our Process

Our collaboration with Claroty began with an in-depth brand discovery process, involving mood boarding, competitive research, and the creation of user flows and wireframes. We worked closely with Claroty’s Marketing Manager to ensure that every step of the process was aligned with Claroty’s ambitious business goals.

Challenges & Adaptability

Claroty’s rapid growth and dynamic market positioning required a web development partner capable of matching their pace and understanding the nuances of the cybersecurity industry. Fixel’s adaptability and expertise were crucial in addressing these needs, ensuring the project’s success despite the fast-moving and evolving nature of Claroty’s business.

Marketing Automation & HubSpot Integration

Seamless integration of HubSpot facilitated gated resources, contact forms, and lead generation CTAs, enabling direct lead capture without users leaving the Claroty site.

Resource Hub & Multi-Language Pages

A robust resource hub established Claroty as a thought leader while serving SEO, lead-generation, and audience growth objectives. Multi-language landing pages extended Claroty’s reach into new markets, supporting global expansion efforts.

Visual Identity & Brand Expansion

Fixel developed a new web design system for Claroty, incorporating custom branded iconography and illustrations to enhance brand expression and coherence across digital touchpoints.

The Result

Fixel’s work for Claroty stands as a testament to the power of strategic partnership in web design and development. Through expert guidance, seamless technology integration, and a deep understanding of Claroty’s goals, Fixel helped Claroty refine their digital presence and set a new standard for professionalism and innovation in the cybersecurity sector.

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