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Awesome Motive is recognized as a forefront player in the WordPress arena. They came to Fixel seeking an expert partner to implement their pivotal redesign. They needed a skilled WordPress partner to build their site using the latest advanced Block Editor capabilities.


The primary goal of this project was to build a website that embodied Awesome Motive’s expertise and leadership in the WordPress arena. We worked closely with the Awesome Motive team to ensure the site met their high expectations for top-tier development. Key objectives included:

  • Developing their site to leverage the power of the WordPress Block Editor for easy content management.
  • Ensuring the new site was lean, fast, and executed perfectly according to their newly refined design.
  • Aligning the website with Awesome Motive’s dynamic and growing brand.

The Result

Awesome Motive’s new website serves as a testament to their leadership in the WordPress community. The new site offers a digital experience that reflects their trusted brand. The project has laid a robust digital foundation that supports Awesome Motive’s continued growth and product innovation.

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