Showcase of the Website Design for NEAR Foundation

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Development

Built With

  • Figma
  • WordPress

The NEAR Foundation is a Switzerland-based nonprofit dedicated to fostering community-driven innovation. They partnered with Fixel to design and develop their new foundation site. Our goal was to highlight and communicate the foundation’s impact while drawing new members into the NEAR ecosystem. NEAR Foundation sought a design that aligned with its core mission and also complemented the visual style of its parent organization,

Collaborative Process has a well-established brand and a vibrant community. Fixel worked closely with the NEAR Foundation’s Creative Director to blend the new site’s aesthetic with the ecosystem, to ensure that the Foundation website stayed true to the brand vision and values.

Mobile navigation design for NEAR Foundation website
Card Layout for the Resource Center on the NEAR Foundation website

Technical Implementation

We built the site leveraging WordPress and its powerful Block Editor to facilitate easy content management for the foundation. We also integrated HubSpot to enable marketing automation, and Greenhouse to streamline career listings and applications. These technical choices were pivotal in creating a platform that supported the NEAR Foundation’s objectives of impact sharing and ecosystem growth.

Website Design for NEAR Foundation homepage and Leadership
Showcase of Design Elements from the NEAR Foundation Website Redesign
Design elements from the NEAR Foundation About Page

The Result

The NEAR Foundation website redesign project showcases Fixel’s expertise in crafting digital experiences that resonate with our clients’ strategic goals. This project set a foundation for NEAR’s continued success and impact within the global community.

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